I sit beside the fire and think, Of all that I have seen…

My fireside thoughts for the day (although, there is no fire as I don’t have one and it’s the middle of a heatwave in July, and it’s 10:30pm and not day time at all), are as follows;

The time has come.

A long awaited time for any fans of The Hobbit.

A time which some feared would never come.

The teaser trailer is coming. Imminently. As in 8pm (GMT) tomorrow imminently.

Like I said, I don’t only want to use this blog for any thoughts I have about Tolkien. I also want to use it to share the latest news about anything Tolkien related.

Having just come out of my evening peruse of the twittersphere, I can barely contain my excitement at the fact that the teaser trailer for The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies is coming out tomorrow.

There has been a lot of hype, expectation and in some cases I think frustration is the most appropriate term to use here, surrounding the release of this trailer.

As a quick summary to help anyone understand why this may be: The Battle of the Five Armies- henceforth abbreviated to BOFA because that is a seriously long name to write out multiple times- is of course the last film for The Hobbit trilogy (I still find it strange to refer to The Hobbit films as a trilogy in that they are all derived from one book, but it’s the best term out there for them), and as such is set to contain many of the climatic sequences from the book- Laketown, the encounters with Smaug, Black Arrows, and of course, the Battle of the Five Armies (I put it like that, in a way which may seem rather lacking in description to some, as I do not wish to give away anything more than is necessary, in case anyone out there hasn’t read The Hobbit)

Now of course, we have known since The Desolation of Smaug, roughly when the film will be released in cinemas, owing to the fact that Jackson and Warner Brothers appear to be following the same release formula as the Rings films- three consecutive years, each in December. So from there, it would be possible, based on previous releases, to work out when the trailer for BOFA would come out. Which, a conclusion shared by many, should have been in early to mid-June (I personally know this in that the other Hobbit trailers have both been initially released around my friend Pippin’s – not real name – birthday on 10th June).

So I of course like much of the Tolkien filmsphere, eagerly awaited the trailer of what promises to be an epic conclusion to the story.

Come early June- nothing. But hey ho, a little tension can be good for the soul!

And still, come July and nothing, by which point I was pretty much hooked on the idea that the trailer would air at San Diego Comic Con on the weekend of 26/27th July. Which in fact it has (in a way)- huzzah!

Now, I have absolutely no problem in waiting for the trailer, although I know that some people have. I think it’s important in this instance to remember that the name of the film did change (from There and Back Again to BOFA- a name change which I’m still undecided on whether I like or not, but maybe that’s something for a short post another day), there are new rules of some description in the movie world which means that trailers can’t actually be released until two months before the film release date (at least, that’s what I gathered, the more accurate of you may want to check that though!), and I also think that there were an awful lot of special effects that would need to have been ironed out before the trailer release. All together, I think the studio(s) and Jackson therefore had a pretty sound argument on which to leave the trailer a few weeks longer!

So yes, the teaser trailer has been delayed. And yes, it is only a minute or so long. But you know what- that’s fine by me! If the poster release from a few says ago (see the attached photo below) is anything to go by, along with Adam Brown’s (Ori) tweet from May 26th “Oh, and the trailer is epic” is anything to go by, it’s going to be a great glimpse into what’s to come. Personally, I would like a generous helping of Smaug because he’s so wonderfully animated, and anything to do with The Cumberbatch is a win for me, a large portion of Bilbo and Thorin because I love the character dynamics between these two at this point in the book, and a pinch of the actual battle for good measure because, well, it is the climatic action chapter of the book.

Yes, people at San Diego Comic Con have already seen the teaser trailer, I know, and they’ve posted an overview of it online, but I have very carefully avoided all mention of it. The trailer hasn’t been put online yet (it will tomorrow- eek!), and when I see that trailer for the first time, I don’t want any pre-existing expectations about what it will be. I want to react to it in real time as it were. 

In a way, although I am extremely excited about getting that first glimpse into a world that I love so much, it does sadden me. It marks the beginning of the end as it were- this is the last time experiencing that build up and preparing oneself for what it to come. As I was 13 when I saw the first of my Rings films in the cinema (ROTK), these films really have take up a significant portion of my life, and so it is with some sadness that they’re coming to an end. Of course, the world of Middle Earth, whether it be in the form of film, or book, or art, or even music, will always be there for me to delve into at any time I want to, but I will miss that growing sense of excitement and expectation at seeing what Peter Jackson and the team have done with such the world that I, and many other, love so well.

Now that's a hunk of epicness right there....

So, here we are, on the brink of the ‘final’ teaser trailer, and I personally can’t wait for what it signifies. I hope everyone else will watch it with the same wonder as I will. Maybe I’ll even write a blog entry on it (on a side note of which, if there is anything you want me to write a blog entry about, please do comment or send me an email).

The only problem- I’m moving house tomorrow, so whether I actually get to see the trailer tomorrow is going to be hit and miss! After writing all that- ah, the irony!! Still, whenever I get to see it, I will savour the moment as I hope you all shall.

So, until next time my Rollicking Rohirrim;

“May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks.”