Courage is found in unlikely places…

Following on from my last post….

It’s here! The first trailer has landed!

And boy, was it worth the wait. I’m actually glad that I knew the release date beforehand, as it allowed me to slowly build the tension and excitement I got from the first glimpse back into Middle Earth. Still, I’m not entirely sure that my heart will hold out on this film, looking at the trailer, still…. I must have courage!

So, as promised in the last blog, I’m going to write a review of the trailer. Being the logical person that I am, I have decided to split the discussion into 6 separate sections; the shots (actual film footage used in the trailer), the cutting, the voice over, the music, the tone, and finally my overall reaction to the trailer.

Thus, without further ado, let’s get going with this!

  1. The Shots

Now, I’ve gone through and looked at this trailer with a fine tooth comb, and this is what I have discovered and thought about the shots. BEWARE: this goes on for a long time, like, 4 pages in a word document long time. In no way should you feel obliged to read it as it’s just my comings and goings.

  • Bilbo sitting in Erebor, with someone standing in the background of the shot with a single shot of light falling on them and a table. Now, this shot does intrigue me. My guess is it is from after Smaug is killed, and perhaps after later tragic events (I won’t say them here as, you know, spoilers!), and that Bilbo is sitting staring into space in a state of shock at what has happened. My main question though is, who is that in the background, and what is on the table? My initial impression was that is Galadriel, but pausing the trailer here the shape looks wrong, so I don’t have much lead on that front. It kind of looks like whoever it is wearing some form of shoulder pads due to the way the light is bouncing, but I can’t be sure so can’t make any solid guesses. Similarly, my first impression was that there were flowers on the table, but once again they are too much in the background and so I can’t really make it out. Still, I am intrigued!
  • Bilbo saying “one day, I’ll remember” to someone. It’s only for a fleeting second, but I think I caught a glimpse of curly black hair there, so maybe it is Bard.
  • Tauriel turning towards camera. Looking at this shot, I think it’s in deep winter in Dale, and so with what looks like a gang of men defending an archway in the background, my assumption is that this is part of the actual Battle of the Five Armies. Also, the Dale set in snow looks beautiful!
  • Gandalf riding a horse into a crowded courtyard. Now, this shot was difficult because it’s both moving and over quickly. Once again, my guess is that this is Dale as it looks like Men in the foreground. They also seem to be pulling on chains so I suggest this is before the Battle begins, and they’re making the necessary preparations, suggesting that Gandalf returns from Dol Guldur right before the battle begins. After all, a wizard is never late! And which means that whatever jazz went down in Dol Guldur took an awful long time to sort out (unsurprisingly!).
  • Smaug burning Laketown. This, without a doubt, is what I believe to be the money shot in the trailer. I thought the Laketown set was wonderful in DOS, but that wonder was always tinged with a sense of regret in that it would, ultimately, become no more than a pile of ash. Still, it looks like they’ve handled the burning of the lake well, and it really clearly shows how gigantic Smaug actually is. Truly, the lake will shine and burn. I think this must pick up right where DOS left off, as the lighting seems about right, although I must ask, where have all the Men of Laketown gone, it seems awfully…..unpanicked. Did they get some sort of warning?
  • Legolas and Tauriel looking towards the smouldering wreck of Laketown from an encampment. I like this shot as I feel it shows some more of the relationship between Legolas and Tauriel, and I’m interested with where they’re going to take this in BOFA as there is no mention of Tauriel in LOTR. I also appreciate the chaos that seems to be conveyed in this shot, just like there would be in a the aftermath of a real disaster.
  • Streams of people walking over hills away from Laketown which burns. Pretty obvious in my opinion, the surviving residents of Laketown fleeing the desolation. I love the scenery in this shot, which looks like it is in part at least, New Zealand.
  • Dwarves running down a staircase in Erebor. Based on later shots, I’m not sure on this one chronologically- is it before or after Smaug is killed? I can’t tell. I really like these wide shots of Erebor though, as when I read the books yonks ago I never really appreciated how big it must be. I mean, it’s the inside of a mountain. And until I saw this I didn’t grasp how big an area that must be…. Impressive, as I’m a geography teacher and should have some sort of grasp on mountain scale!
  • Kili, Ori and (looking at the shoes and coat colour) Balin raising a statue of a dwarven warrior or King. With Kili being in armour, my guess is that this is preparations for the Battle (those who have read the books will know why I saw before and not after). Still, I wonder why they feel the need to move the statue- could they be resurrecting it? Or are they going to be using it in the defence of…. Wherever it is. It’s not Dale, based on what Dale looked like in AUJ, and it’s not Laketown as it’s majority wood not stone. The gates of Erebor maybe?
  • Bard looking seriously into the distance. I can’t tell a lot here, except maybe it’s in Dale looking at the stonework. Potentially with Dwarves as they do seem considerably shorter than Bard. Mind you, anything with Bard in is a good thing in my opinion. Even in the books he was one of my favourite characters, and his portrayal by Luke Evans is perfect, if not a bit more angry than I imagine.
  • Thranduil walking through the aftermath of a battle. Again, aftermath of the actual Battle of Five Armies as I’m definitely seeing dead elves, orcs/goblins and potentially a hunk of Warg in there. I really do like this shot as I think Thranduil’s armour is beautiful, and also he seems confused by the death around him- as elves are immortal (save death through injury), this may be one of the first times he’s witnessed the death of his brethren (or at least in this number), which must be quite overwhelming. I also think it’s a beautifully poetic foreshadowing of the look Legolas has in FOTR when Boromir dies.
  • Galadriel walking through a battle aftermath and kissing an unconscious Gandalf on the head. Although, having said that and looking at the injuries, I think Gandalf is actually in Dol Guldur. And whether Galadriel is really there or if it’s a saving-Frodo-before-Shelob type thing, I don’t know. Well, we can but wait and see!
  • Dwarves overlooking the treasure hoard. Yeah, pretty standard. Not a lot to say about that.
  • Thorin looking shifty. Good shot from the viewpoint that I think this begins to show the dragon sickness really taking hold of Thorin, and his character development at this point in the book really is one of my favourite parts of the book- the fall followed by the final resolution and peace. Beautiful.
  • Fully armoured Dwarves marching past Bilbo and Thorin. Holy moly, dwarves in armour. Love it! The grim look on all their faces as well just gets me. And Bilbo not in armour- I like this, as although he does go into battle in the book, I never saw him as being one of the front line troops as it were. Only problem, I’d appreciate the cut being slightly earlier so that I could see more than the back of my dwarf love (Fili, for anyone who is wondering).
  • Legolas and Bard standing close and Legolas looking away. Again, back in the encampment after Smaug has burnt Laketown. I’m interested to see the relationship between these two. I imagine Bard will be grateful to Legolas for protecting his children (inadvertently), but annoyed that he ran off from Laketown to chase Azog. A somewhat fictitious relationship there I think.
  • Armoured Elves parting for Bard. Bard shot again, so I love it anyway. Also, how the Elves are acknowledging Bard I think will be a significant turning point for him in terms of coming to understand that whilst he already knows the people of Laketown need protecting, it is he who has the power to lead the people. My guess it’s after Smaug is killed by the reverie in which the Elves seem to be acknowledging him.
  • Bilbo leaning against a pillar as a battle wages around him. Ah, Bilbo…. I appreciate this from the viewpoint as it really shows that Bilbo doesn’t necessarily feel he belongs in battle. We see him as the timid hobbit we first see him as, yet he cannot appreciate the bravery and stout-heart that he has.
  • Balin? Riding a goat drawn sled with Wargs coming head on. There are also two others on the sled but I can’t figure out who they are, and I really don’t have much lead on what this is about. A diversion? An escape?
  • Bard shouting at Thorin? Yay for Bard, still protecting the people. You can see the fear and anguish in his eyes here.
  • Thorin in crown and armour. Kili behind. Now earlier, I was talking about the dragon sickness, and I think this shot shows the point where Thorin really has succumbed to it. Very little of the “never have I been so wrong in all my life” Thorin is left here. He seems so driven by the need to reclaim Erebor. I think Kili knows this too, judging by his expression. Oh, I can’t wait to see Thorin’s development here!
  • Thranduil fighting: usual Elvish epic skills. Again, love the armour.
  • Legolas looking and turning: I’m sorry, but the only thing I can think here (as I do with most Legolas shots), is what on earth have they done with his eyes?! They really freak me out!
  • A flying cart. Not sure who is in it. I thought Bard at first, but then I think the people ducking in the foreground, by their costume at least, look like Bard and Bain.
  • Kili fighting. Enough said. Young and reckless.
  • Azog shouting at the oncoming swarm of orc-goblins. I really appreciate the glimpse of the size of the army here, and also just how much like ants they look, as I like the work that Terry Notary did in The Hobbit to make sure each race has their own distinct movement.
  • Azog approaching a terrified looking Bilbo who is grasping Sting. Now, wouldn’t it be something if Bilbo was actually the one to slay Azog? I think I’d actually be okay with that, as it shows that hobbits really are made of sterner stuff than appearances suggest. Also, I do believe that Bilbo has the Mithril shirt on here, so this must be pretty late in the film.
  • Armoured Dwarves riding mountain goats. Anything that rides goats is good by me!!
  • Bard leading a group of men and ferociously swinging a sword. Finally, Bard is leading, and there’s the character development I was looking out for. The character developments in The Hobbit (and also LOTR) really are one of the things that I appreciate most in Tolkien’s writing. It makes the characters so much more approachable. Also, where did Bard get that sword- it’s lovely!
  • The Eye. The eye is still, after 10+ years amazing and still fills me with dread (it’s pretty frightening and slightly scarring when you’re 11 years old). ‘Nough said!
  • Dwarves running into Erebor. I think that this may link to the Balin on the cart scene. The lighting looks right, as does the proliferation of snow and ice. Again, what they’re running to or from, I couldn’t say.
  • Lots of Elven arches poised to loose a volley. Anyone else getting flashbacks to the flashback at the start of FOTR here, except with slightly more sombre armour?
  • All the dwarves and Bilbo standing together listening to Thorin. Now, whilst Smaug burning down Laketown is, in my opinion, the moneyshot, this is my personal favourite shot from the trailer. I love having the shots where all the Dwarves are lined up together (incidentally, my favourite shot in DOS is when they all line up in front of the hidden door). You can see the beautiful design work to make each Dwarf individual, and a lot of the friendship/family units. I think also in this shot you can see in their faces that there is only one answer to the question which Thorin is asking of them. I find it interesting as well that only Fili, Kili and Dwalin are in armour here, and not the full armour we see in earlier shots, so I think this is a lot before the actual Battle of the Five Armies. This shot is tinged with sadness though, as I know that this will probably be one of the last shots we see all the Dwarves together before ‘it’ happens. Sad, sad times (seriously, I’m taking a box of tissues with me to the cinema- ROTK had me blubbering and this is going to be far worse as it revolves around my favourite Middle-Earth characters).
  • Gandalf in front of the Elven archers. Much the same thought as with the last archers shot. However, has Gandalf now got Radaghast staff? I know Gandalf’s got destroyed by the Necromancer, and so it makes sense for Radaghast to pass on his staff to Gandalf as Radaghast knows that Gandalf will, without a doubt, go to the Dwarves and Bilbo despite the danger that awaits him there, but where does this leave Radaghast? Staffless? Where is he? Also, I think this is actually (with some modifications) the staff the Gandalf has in LOTR, suggesting it is now returned to Radaghast. Why? Intriguing…
  • Legolas and Tauriel perching behind a rock, possibly with the Lonely Mountain behind. The character of Tauriel, I like, and regardless of what my own first thoughts were (as well as a lot of Tolkeinites) about Jackson introducing a whole new character, I do like her. She definitely does add something. However, Legolas…. Never really liked him as much as other characters. Too perfect. And there’s not a lot I can tell from sitting behind rocks and spying.

dwarves outside hidden door

My favourite shot from DOS

So, there’s my reaction to the shots. That has taken about an hour and a half to write, and is far longer than I initially anticipated. But still, I hope that gives you some ideas about my initial impressions of the actual footage shown. Because that’s so long, I’m really going to try and keep the following sections succinct. Partly because otherwise that’s an awful lot of reading, and also it’s 2am. I need sleep!

2. The cutting.

I like the fact that the shots seem to be going out of chronological order here as it doesn’t give too much away, and even if you do try and sort into some form of time-dependent order, the choice of shots still doesn’t give too much away- exactly what a trailer should be. For me personally, I feel the actual written info about the film could have been placed a bit more carefully, because as a fan, I was too focused on what was happening in the shots to actually comprehend what they said. I think I only actually read them the third or fourth time I watched it. There’s a nice spreading of characters across the shots, although a little more of Dwarves other than Thorin and Kili would be appreciated and a little more Bilbo, as well, this is his story.

3. The voice over.

Holy moly, I love this! Bilbo’s words although few, are so wrapped in emotion and subtle references that to anyone who has read the book, they’re heartbreaking. For me especially, as two of my all time favourite characters from the book don’t make it, those words really hit me right in the feels. I am now resigned to the fact that I should wear no eye make up when I see this film. Also, Thorin’s words towards the end of the trailer- both “I will have war” and “Will you follow me? One last time” and wonderful from my point of view, as they show the fall and eventual resurrection of Thorin’s character in the books, which really is one of my all time favourite character development lines, both inside and outside the works of Tolkien.

4. The music

The lack of music in the opening portion of the teaser is great in my opinion as it allows Bilbo’s words really to hit home, and as this is really Bilbo’s story, they need to, and the audience are gently reminded of this fact. The music really comes in with Pippin’s (Billy Boyd) song entitled Edge of Night (or A Walking Song for those who have read Rings). When ROTK, this song more than any got stuck in my head due to it’s simplicity of writing coming from the pen of Tolkien, and the haunting melody which Boyd put it to. As such, I am really happy to hear it used again. Even more so from the viewpoint that Bilbo supposedly wrote this song based on events which happened in his own “adventures”. It fits wonderfully with the sombre mood of the trailer and really captures the viewer in it’s simplicity. Other than that, there’s the traditional whooshing metallic whoosh sound (I’ve no idea what instrument made that sound, sorry) that always comes with the title at the end of the Hobbit/Rings trailers. A trailer wouldn’t be a trailer without it!

5. General tone

Compared to the trailers for AUJ and DOS, this one does appear to be a lot more gritty and sombre, especially compared to AUJ. Personally, I like this as it marks a shift in the tone of the novel to a more dark and Rings-esque time. I do have a niggling worry though that maybe it moves slightly too far into the realm of war and suffering, as it must be remembered that above all else, The Hobbit is a children’s book, and so I worry that in the desire to make the Battle of the Five Armies suitably epic, Jackson has forgotten this simple fact. Still, as I said, I think it does move the series nicely towards the more adult LOTR end of the spectrum.

6. Overall reaction

For me, everything I wanted for a teaser trailer is in here- suspense, fleeting glimpses into what is to come, delicate suggestion of the path of Thorin and Bilbo, and a desire to see more. The cutting is clever, if not a little undermining of the info about the film itself, the music has a sombre tone which matches the moving images perfectly, and it does, as per Jackson style, promise to be suitably epic.


Now, that is one looooooong blog post. Like I said earlier, please do not feel obilged to read the whole of it (especially the analysis of footage, which even as I read it back, I realise makes little sense and doesn’t add too much to the post other than wordage… but it’s 2am and I have a stack of lesson plans I need to get done tomorrow, so I’m not chaning it!), but maybe some hard core Tolkien fans out there will appreciate it.

Next time, I promise I’ll do something shorter- an account of my favourite Hobbit and LOTR characters maybe. Also, please excuse any typographical errors. Like I said, it’s 2am!

Once more, if you have any suggestions for posts please let me know and I will oblige where possible.

So until we next meet my Rohirrim compadres-

“May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks.”

~ Suzy


I sit beside the fire and think, Of all that I have seen…

My fireside thoughts for the day (although, there is no fire as I don’t have one and it’s the middle of a heatwave in July, and it’s 10:30pm and not day time at all), are as follows;

The time has come.

A long awaited time for any fans of The Hobbit.

A time which some feared would never come.

The teaser trailer is coming. Imminently. As in 8pm (GMT) tomorrow imminently.

Like I said, I don’t only want to use this blog for any thoughts I have about Tolkien. I also want to use it to share the latest news about anything Tolkien related.

Having just come out of my evening peruse of the twittersphere, I can barely contain my excitement at the fact that the teaser trailer for The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies is coming out tomorrow.

There has been a lot of hype, expectation and in some cases I think frustration is the most appropriate term to use here, surrounding the release of this trailer.

As a quick summary to help anyone understand why this may be: The Battle of the Five Armies- henceforth abbreviated to BOFA because that is a seriously long name to write out multiple times- is of course the last film for The Hobbit trilogy (I still find it strange to refer to The Hobbit films as a trilogy in that they are all derived from one book, but it’s the best term out there for them), and as such is set to contain many of the climatic sequences from the book- Laketown, the encounters with Smaug, Black Arrows, and of course, the Battle of the Five Armies (I put it like that, in a way which may seem rather lacking in description to some, as I do not wish to give away anything more than is necessary, in case anyone out there hasn’t read The Hobbit)

Now of course, we have known since The Desolation of Smaug, roughly when the film will be released in cinemas, owing to the fact that Jackson and Warner Brothers appear to be following the same release formula as the Rings films- three consecutive years, each in December. So from there, it would be possible, based on previous releases, to work out when the trailer for BOFA would come out. Which, a conclusion shared by many, should have been in early to mid-June (I personally know this in that the other Hobbit trailers have both been initially released around my friend Pippin’s – not real name – birthday on 10th June).

So I of course like much of the Tolkien filmsphere, eagerly awaited the trailer of what promises to be an epic conclusion to the story.

Come early June- nothing. But hey ho, a little tension can be good for the soul!

And still, come July and nothing, by which point I was pretty much hooked on the idea that the trailer would air at San Diego Comic Con on the weekend of 26/27th July. Which in fact it has (in a way)- huzzah!

Now, I have absolutely no problem in waiting for the trailer, although I know that some people have. I think it’s important in this instance to remember that the name of the film did change (from There and Back Again to BOFA- a name change which I’m still undecided on whether I like or not, but maybe that’s something for a short post another day), there are new rules of some description in the movie world which means that trailers can’t actually be released until two months before the film release date (at least, that’s what I gathered, the more accurate of you may want to check that though!), and I also think that there were an awful lot of special effects that would need to have been ironed out before the trailer release. All together, I think the studio(s) and Jackson therefore had a pretty sound argument on which to leave the trailer a few weeks longer!

So yes, the teaser trailer has been delayed. And yes, it is only a minute or so long. But you know what- that’s fine by me! If the poster release from a few says ago (see the attached photo below) is anything to go by, along with Adam Brown’s (Ori) tweet from May 26th “Oh, and the trailer is epic” is anything to go by, it’s going to be a great glimpse into what’s to come. Personally, I would like a generous helping of Smaug because he’s so wonderfully animated, and anything to do with The Cumberbatch is a win for me, a large portion of Bilbo and Thorin because I love the character dynamics between these two at this point in the book, and a pinch of the actual battle for good measure because, well, it is the climatic action chapter of the book.

Yes, people at San Diego Comic Con have already seen the teaser trailer, I know, and they’ve posted an overview of it online, but I have very carefully avoided all mention of it. The trailer hasn’t been put online yet (it will tomorrow- eek!), and when I see that trailer for the first time, I don’t want any pre-existing expectations about what it will be. I want to react to it in real time as it were. 

In a way, although I am extremely excited about getting that first glimpse into a world that I love so much, it does sadden me. It marks the beginning of the end as it were- this is the last time experiencing that build up and preparing oneself for what it to come. As I was 13 when I saw the first of my Rings films in the cinema (ROTK), these films really have take up a significant portion of my life, and so it is with some sadness that they’re coming to an end. Of course, the world of Middle Earth, whether it be in the form of film, or book, or art, or even music, will always be there for me to delve into at any time I want to, but I will miss that growing sense of excitement and expectation at seeing what Peter Jackson and the team have done with such the world that I, and many other, love so well.

Now that's a hunk of epicness right there....

So, here we are, on the brink of the ‘final’ teaser trailer, and I personally can’t wait for what it signifies. I hope everyone else will watch it with the same wonder as I will. Maybe I’ll even write a blog entry on it (on a side note of which, if there is anything you want me to write a blog entry about, please do comment or send me an email).

The only problem- I’m moving house tomorrow, so whether I actually get to see the trailer tomorrow is going to be hit and miss! After writing all that- ah, the irony!! Still, whenever I get to see it, I will savour the moment as I hope you all shall.

So, until next time my Rollicking Rohirrim;

“May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks.”

All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to you…


And so, based on that wonderful quote by Gandalf the Grey, as blossomed from the mind of one of my most beloved authors, J.R.R. Tolkien, I begin this blog.

In this blog post, being the first one I have ever written (if we completely disregard the wreck which was my last attempt at blogging), I will simply share a few things about myself, and why I have with the “time that is given” to me, decided to create a blog dedicated to all things Tolkien, and outline what some of those things may be.

So, starting at the beginning of the story. I always find that this is the best place to start…

Some people may know my real name already. Some people may not. And, although I have absolutely nothing against any of you, I’m not putting my real name on here (privacy, yardy yardy yar…). For the sake of this blog, I am SujiSuzy. At the time of this blog, I am 23 years old, and about to set out on one of the most pivotal years of my life thus far. I was born in London and moved to Kent when I was 10, and with the exception of four years of university, have lived here a most of my life and always refer to Kent as my hobbit hole. I hold a degree in BSc Geography with Japanese Language, as well as a PGCE Masters in Geography and Educational Theory. By profession, I was one of those mad (and slightly eccentric) people who have decided to venture into teaching at secondary level (11-18 year olds), and am about to begin my first full-time post as a teacher of Geography in Buckinghamshire. I’m about to fly the nest for good, and spread my wings under new and blue skies.

I have three great passions in life; Japanese language and culture, Scouting, and things which fall under the general umbrella of what I call ‘Tolkien Stuff’. Since the age of 14 I’ve been learning Japanese, and have been lucky enough to study in Japan twice- once at a language school, and once at a university in northern Japan. Both the language and culture fascinate me, and I am always venturing to learn more. I can’t wait until next summer when I will be going back to Japan for 3 weeks for the first time in 5 years- it’s going to be epic! As a child I was in Rainbows and Brownies before becoming a Girl Guide, which I despised for the lack of adventure (and of course, I mean no offence to Guiding by this, it is simply a reflection on what Girl Guiding was at the time, particularly in my District), and so I switched to Scouts instead… and after 13 years I am still Scouting, although now as a leader opposed to one of the kids (although, I sometimes think I’m more kid than leader!). I am forever grateful for all the opportunities which Scouting has given me, both in term of new skills and in the role it played in forging the person I have become today.

And finally, the third passion in my life- Tolkien. The one you’re all here for.

Growing up, my Dad was an avid reader and endeavored (successfully), to get me into reading. One of my fondest memories with my Dad is him bringing this new and highly raved about new book home called “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” when I was about 7 years old, and reading it together at bed time. As I grew older and more able to read on my own, more books came out, and dad and myself would race to finish them first. Through sneakily reading under the duvet at night, I am proud to say the last 4 books are my trophy! Although I can’t remember precisely when it happened, I do remember my Dad trying to read The Hobbit to me. I can’t have been much more than about 6 or 7, as past that point I really read on my own. The Hobbit and Great Expectations are the only books my dad ever failed at in trying to get me to read them. Great Expectations I still haven’t read… I have bad recollections of studying Hard Times at A Level, but give me time, and I will re-read both of them. And in fact, I didn’t read The Hobbit until about 5 years ago. I think the main problem at the time was that I was in the typical young girl phase- I loved pink, and books about ponies and princes rescuing damsels in distress. The Hobbit just wasn’t my cup of tea.

Fast forward 5 years or so and The Fellowship of The Ring came out at cinemas. I was about 11 and still not overly interested in that sort of thing, but my Dad took my younger brother to see it at the cinema, and both loved it. In that sense, my brother had a far earlier encounter with Middle-Earth than I did. My Dad bought it on video (yes, you read correctly, video, I am of that era), and although I saw bits of it now and then when my brother watched it, I still wasn’t interested, much to the male half of the family’s great annoyance, and my Mum’s great relief.

However, at that point in my life things were starting to change. I wasn’t as much into pink and ponies as I once was, and I was becoming far more interested in being outdoors and playing around in mud for hours as I started Scouting. I was also about to start secondary school, and my tastes in books were becoming far more diverse. Gone were the days of Shetland in the Shed and Tracy Beaker. A bright (or dark?) new world was opening it’s thin leaves before me- hello Sabriel, Eragon and The Gift. And there it was- fantasy and adventure were my new book loves.

Eventually, much to my Mum’s dismay, I sat and watched the Fellowship of The Ring. By this time, The Two Towers had also been released. I then immediately watched that as well. And suddenly, I was hooked. A world more rich than any other world I had ever seen was unfurling before me and embracing me in its fantastical goodness. Finally, my Dad had succeeded, I was into the fantasy genre. He did not though, as you would expect, then give me The Hobbit to read. Instead he gave me The Lord of the Rings… in it’s entirety, and said something along the lines of “I’ll give you one year.” I think it took me about 5 months- pretty impressive for an 11 year old- it certainly raised the eyebrows of a few teachers at school! But honestly, I was so blown away by it that I’ve never gone back. The depth of the world and beauty of the intertwining stories and themes keep me hooked- you can read The Lord of the Rings over and over and there will always be something new and exciting to find.

I was also very lucky at this point in time, starting secondary school, to find my Middle-Earth  soul mate in the same tutor group as me. I knew this girl in my tutor group, and she always sat on her own at lunch because  no one from her primary came to our secondary school, whereas I knew two people in the tutor group already from my primary days. For some reason (call it fate maybe) I decided to eat lunch with her one day, and found out that she loved The Lord of the Rings as much as I did, and from that moment on we were inseparable… to the point where (and trust me, I am in no way ashamed to say it), the teachers in the English Department at our school and closely followed by most of our year group, referred to us as Merry and Pippin. For anyone who is interested, I’m Merry. That friendship which was created through a shared love of the works by one author is the strongest I have, and did a lot for me to truly cement a love for Tolkein.

Since then, I’ve never looked back. Pip and myself saw The Return of the King together 3 times, saw the stage show in London, dressed up in blankets pretending to be Elves, and got into all sorts of mischief. The tradition continues as we have seen The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey and Desolation of Smaug together, and although I am imminently moving away, we will not see Battle of the Five Armies until I come back for Christmas. And the dressing up still continues, although now in the form of cosplay at various conventions around the UK. I have my Fili cosplay which has taken 6 months to finish, and am now working on Eowyn (reasons for doing these characters will become clear in a future blog).

Yes, of course, I have moved beyond Tolkien in a literary sense. Whilst “The Dwarves” series by Markus Heitz and especially “The King Killer Chronicles” by Patrick Rothfuss certainly give Tolkien a run for his money in terms of books I love, Tolkien will always be special for me, since it is what opened the world of fantasy novels to me, ignited my imagination in terms of art, poetry and story writing, and has allowed me to meet so so so many people who share a love for Tolkien.

Thus, in this blog I will be exploring all thing Tolkien- books, films, music, art, cosplay and anything else which crosses my path. I will be sharing my thoughts on the latest Tolkien related things I read/see, exploring my own ideas about the work of Tolkien, and maybe sharing some craft/cosplay ideas and tips. Essentially, I wish to create a community where everyone can contribute ideas and thoughts about Tolkien, in a place where everyone will be heard, appreciated, and above all accepted.

Heck, this turned into an extremely long post. I promise the next one won’t be so long. But at least now, you do at least have some idea about who I am and why I wish to do this. Now is the prime time for me to do this- my life is entering a new, exciting and challenging phase, and I feel now is the point in time to open myself up and explore Tolkien beyond the boundaries of my mind.

So, until next time;

“May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks.”